Electric BBQ Grill Techwood 15-Serving Indoor/Outdoor Electric Grill

Barbecuing really can’t get essentially more straightforward than this. Resulting in social occasion the barbecue (which requires a few minutes), fundamentally plug it in and permit something like 10 minutes to thoroughly preheat the surface while you gather your steaks, kebabs, or anything that’s to be barbecued.

The electric power has a customizable reach from low (for keeping food warm) to high (for singing steaks). The nonstick barbecue surface does not just suggest you can utilize fundamentally added fat, yet it besides makes cleanup a snap.

The surface has a direct tendency, with channels that bring gathered fat or different fluids into a plate simply on a more profound level. The high domed and vented cover makes a circuitous development of hot air to guarantee notwithstanding, cooking- – especially enormous for an immense gala or entire chicken.

To further develop the cooking experience and way of life of our clients. Techwood began by creating and selling Hot Plate, Electric Grill, Stand Mixer, Meat Slicer. We continue improving and refreshing the designs and plans of our items to accommodate our client’s culinary necessities and tastes.

While chasing after more excellent items, we trust that all of you who cherishes our image items will get a fulfilled grin during shopping and use.

So, before any further do let’s get started.

BBQ Techwood 15-Serving Electric Grill

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Quick Information:

  • Product Dimensions: 17.9 x 11 x 14.8 inches
  • Item Weight: 12.17 pounds
  • Manufacturer: Techwood
  • ASIN: B08YYG7PV2
  • Item model number: TWBG-01R
  • Material: Metal
  • Color: Red
  • Finish Type: Rust-resistant



Your property manager will adore this barbecue similarly as in light of the fact that the completely electric framework gives you great barbecuing with no charcoal, no propane, and no eruptions. Particularly extraordinary for condos, decks, and different regions.

Where charcoal or propane can’t be utilized, and the food rack is intended for food warm and stockpiling. The steady help can put the barbecue flawlessly on the ground or on the table. Twofold handles make you simple to get barbecue.

Rotatable Venting system:

The top is shown at a point. Rotatable Venting framework can successfully disperse heat and convey a tasty sign. Barbecue cover can guarantee fast warming cycle , make the meat all the more uniformly Heated , Tender and Juicy.


Compact electric barbecue’s helpful plan of the interlocking hood and bowl take into account quick cycle warming, which permits to warm the meat all the more uniformly and tasted more heavenly. With the cool handle you can partake in the grill all over the place.

Temperature control:

The movable temperature controls make it simple to find the perfect proportion of intensity for anything that you make, Venting framework can really scatter intensity and keep the steak delicate and succulent. Twofold sided non-stick cold moved sheet cooking grinding is not difficult to clean. You have some control over the temperature from 200 ℉ to 425 ℉ to come by the best outcomes on any sort of food.

High capacity:

Techwood tabletop barbecue outfitted with 240 square crawls of round barbecuing surface, which allows you to make more than 15 servings for enormous gatherings, for example, and partake in the heavenly food varieties together!

Get yours now, risk-free:

Techwood offer an extraordinary 30-day bother free merchandise exchange and 18-month guarantee. We guarantee you that no other outside BBQ barbecue beats our items’ excellent quality and productivity. Our items are totally covered result Liability Insurance of United States. For subtleties, kindly allude to the guidance manual.


Extraordinary barbecue for loft living. Gets hot quick. There is no trickle plate, utilized aluminum foil for simpler cleanup. Had couple oil eruptions yet they ceased to exist when I shut the cover. Consumed fats under warming component give food practically charcoal-cooked flavor! Best arrangement viewed as on the web.


How long is the cord? 

46 inches long thus grill system has.

How does the food taste compared to charcoal?

No, beating charcoal, but in the winter months you can use this in your house, i love doing fish on this with the cover on. perfect every time.

Doesn’t the food juices drip on the electric coils?

And how does one clean the coils without having to unscrew the coils? Yes, it does drip. Recommend lining the grill with foil.

Does this take batteries or is it rechargeable?

The heat control electrical cord has to be plugged into an electrical outlet. It does not require batteries, nor is it rechargeable.

Can It grill a whole chicken intact and if so, how long?

There is about 6 inches from grill top to the top of the dome cover, so chicken needs to be small enough to fit under the dome. Probably better to cut in half.

Is this a smokeless grill?

No, it’s not smokeless…it doesn’t produce a lot of smoke like most grills but I’d best for patios…I haven’t tried it indoors, but it says it’s safe indoors. Hope this helps.

Is it easy to install the BBQ grill?

Yes, all the grill screws were already where they needed to be. All you had to do was unscrew them and add the proper piece.

Does this grill heat up fast?

It heats up really well, You can control the temperature from 0 ℃ to 425 ℃ to get the best results on any kind of food.

How big is the Grilling surface

The surface is pretty big, but not all of the surface gets hot enough to cook on due to the heating element underneath. I usually have to keep the meat in the middle where it’s hot enough.

Is the stand included?

Yes, the stand is included.

How tall is this grill once mounted onto the pole base?

It’s approximately 2.25 feet tall.

If that paint will be toxic somehow?

Nontoxic paint is used on food-associated products.

Where does the grease go? And is the heating element easy to clean?

There is no grease trip, but you can use a grill mat to catch grease or buy the Nordic ware griddle/ reversible grill pan to put on the grill. That’ll catch all grease and your grill will remain clean!

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