Char-Broil Grill2Go X200 Portable TRU-Infrared Liquid Propane Gas Grill

John Steinbeck once said, Liza poured thick batter from a pitcher onto a soapstone griddle. The hotcakes rose like little hassocks, and small volcanoes formed and erupted on them until they were ready to be turned.

A cheerful brown, they were, with tracings of darker brown. And the kitchen was full of the good sweet smell of them.”

Griddles are useful cooking utensils that are frequently overlooked. Many people overlook their value when it comes to grilling, but they are excellent additions that fry and warm the fries right on the gas grill. Buying the best griddle might be a monumental endeavor because of the numerous styles and forms available.

Gas griddles or flat-top grills can be an excellent substitute for a traditional gas grill. The flat griddle construction makes them ideal for preparing foods that would be difficult to prepare on a regular grill. Users can quickly prepare a large number of pancakes, bacon, hash browns, and eggs at the same time for those breakfast connoisseurs.

Char-Broil has been America’s favorite grill brand since 1948. Nonetheless, Char-Broil appears to be just getting started. Perhaps it’s because they understand that improving their products improves the cookouts. And as long as that remains true, designers will have all the drive we need to keep creating and enhancing our products.

Char-Broil Grill2Go X200 Propane Gas Grill

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Quick information:

  • Product Dimensions: 23.7 x 15 x 13.6 inches
  • Product Weight: 20 Pounds
  • Color: Black
  • Manufacturer: Char-Broil
  • Brand: Char-Broil
  •  Material: Aluminum

Product Features:

No Combustion:

There will be no flare-ups. TRU-Infrared technology’s innovative cooking grate evenly distributes heat across the grill surface. Flare-ups are a thing of the past because it creates a barrier between the meal and the flames. As a result, the food will always be more juicy and tasty.

Infrared Technology:

There are no hot or cold areas. Using infrared technology, the Char-Broil TRU-Infrared cooking system allows the griller to cook their food evenly and with greater temperature control. The infrared heat on the grill’s cooking surface prevents hot and cold areas and allows for faster cooking while using less gas.

Evenly Distributes Heat:

Heat is distributed evenly across the grill grate. Top-ported stainless steel burners on the Char-Broil TRU-Infrared cooking system may be simply adjusted to deliver high heat or very low temperatures evenly throughout the cooking surface.

Maximum Cooking Area:

Over stainless steel grates, there’s 200 square inches of cooking space. There’s enough cooking space for roughly 8 large burgers at a time.

Easy to Transport:

Safe to drive and constructed for ease of travel. Ideal for tailgating, camping, or the beach, this BBQ is designed for on-the-go grilling.

Unique Designing:

It’s excellent for tailgating, camping, picnics, and cookouts. It comes with a high-impact frame with legs and side carrying handles.

Easy to Use:

With ease, adjust the temperature gauge and indicators. A temperature sensor located on the lid allows customers to quickly monitor and manage the temperature. Easy to start using a push button ignition.

Power Source:

Propane is the fuel source.  Compatible with 1 pound propane tanks that connect directly to the grill’s side. Propane is available separately.

Superior Quality:

Using Char-TRU broil’s Infrared technology, this portable grill will cook delicious meals to perfection. It’s easy to transport because to its high-impact structure with legs and carries handles. Road rage, camping, and road excursions are all possibilities.

Our Opinion:

I was going to give this grill a three-star review because of the regulator, which only allows for a temperature range of somewhere between a steel blast furnace and the depths of hell. I won’t go into detail about this because many of the ratings already do.

Anyway, based on the recommendations in these reviews, I ordered the flow valve from the BBQ web store. I took it all to my local welding/machining shop, and they were able to locate the remaining parts. They machined the regulator to a normal 3/8 fitting to fit it to the regulator because nothing compares to Char-ridiculous Broil’s custom fitting.


What exactly is a TRU infrared grill?

TRU infrared heats the grill body from below. Instead of immediately cooking the food, the heat is diffused more efficiently and surrounds it.

Is a regulator required when using a 4′ propane extension line?

No. The grill supply valve includes a regulator.

What is the culinary past?

Since the 1970s, a new field called “culinary history” has evolved to study the history of food in specific societies.

Culinary history is the study of the origins and evolution of foods, equipment, and cooking techniques, as well as the presentation and consumption of meals, and the social implications of these activities.

What was the first food that was cooked?

Homo erectus was cooking meat, according to burnt bone fragments discovered at the location. The oldest obvious hearth remnants, on the other hand, are only 400,000 years old.

Is there no way to regulate the temperature?

The temperature is controlled via a control knob on the top of the regulator. The Grill2Go X200 is designed to heat up quickly and stay hot.

Is there a gas regulator included?

Yes, it connects to the little 1 pound green propane tanks.

Is this grill able to withstand the elements?

This grill can withstand the elements, but it is not weatherproof. When not in use, keep this grill out of the weather if at all feasible.

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