Cuisinart CGG-240 All Foods, 27.3″ L x 38″ W x 23.5″ H, Roll-Away Gas Grill

In Scotland, a “girdle” is called a “bakestone” or “planc,” in Wales, a “teppan” is called a “teppan,” in Mexico and Central America, a “comal” is called a “comal,” and in Spain, a “plancha” is called a “plancha.”

The griddle is commonly used to bake scones, breads, crumpets, and pancakes on the stovetop in the United Kingdom, but it is also used to prepare seafood, meat, vegetables, and even tortillas in other areas of the world.

Copenhaver once said, “A big part of their popularity is that people are simply cooking more at home due to coronavirus restrictions and they’re rediscovering the versatility of a classic griddle.

Rather than ordering a grilled cheese at the local lunch spot or pancakes at the diner, they’re cooking these items at home, and griddles are an incredibly useful tool for any home kitchen and frankly a tool that may not have been a standard item in many peoples’ cookware sets.”

Griddles, whatever anyone wants to call them, are “having a moment” right now, according to Will Copenhaver, VP of Smithey, a premium cast-iron cookware firm. They’re ideal for burgers, grilled sandwiches, and fajitas, as well as breakfast meals like pancakes, sausages, bacon, eggs, hash browns, and French toast.

Griddles have a long and illustrious past. They came about when ovens were prevalent in houses when cooks in almost every culture utilized flat-top grills made of brick, stone, or clay.

Cuisinart CGG-240 All Foods Roll-Away Gas Grill

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Quick information:

  • Product Dimensions: 42.8 x 21 x 36 inches
  • Product Weight: 45 pounds
  • Color: Roll-Away Gas Grill, Stainless Steel
  • Manufacturer: The Fulham Group
  • Brand: Cuisinart
  • Material: Stainless Steel

Product Features:

Best for External Places:

An excellent kitchen appliance for use in open spaces. Any dish can be cooked on the Cuisinart All-Foods Roll-Away gas grill. It’s perfect for decks, patios, and balconies, as well as camping and tailgating. In a second, the foldable base pops up and latches into position.

Maximum Surface Area:

Side shelves are made of stainless steel that fold up. Includes stainless steel shelves may be folded out to make room for a plate or condiments. They fold neatly back underneath the cover for safekeeping when the grill is cool.

Pan Composition:

The porcelain enamel cast iron pan transmits heat uniformly ensuring that there are no cold patches. The 240-square-inch griddle and double-wall stainless steel lid efficiently spread heat for excellent results.

Easy to Transport:

The superb compact gas grill is much easy to move anywhere. The built-in stand makes it simple to transport. It has the capability of a large BBQ but is much more portable.

Loop Burner:

Includes a 15, 000 BTU burner, a heat-distribution panel, and a porcelain enameled cast iron cooking grate. With the easy-to-use twist start electric ignition and the trademark temperature gauge, customers can adjust the temperature.

Superior Quality:

The drip pan on the grill collects grease and drippings for simple cleaning. During grilling, a gas regulator controls the movement of gas from the propane cylinder to the grills. Propane is not included in the price.

Easy to Start:

It’s simple to light thanks to the twist-to-start mechanism. The intensity of the flame is controlled by the temperature dial.

Our Opinion:

Because of its small size, this grill heats up rapidly. I used a 20-pound BBQ tank and an adaptor with this grill. If you plan on using the 16oz tanks, I recommend obtaining a refill kit from Flame King, as well as DOT-certified refillable bottles, which will save you money in the long run. It can sear and fry steaks, fish, and poultry with ease, and it can easily accommodate up to 7 people.

The quality and construction of the item amazed me, and the cast iron grill was exactly what I was looking for. Flare-ups and oil buildup can generate a fire, however because of the design of the grill, you can simply burn it off, but this can be a difficulty to deal with while grilling. On a larger unit, this isn’t an issue because you can move the cuts out of the way until the flare-up or fats burn off.


Who was the first to invent the skillet?

In ancient Mesopotamia, copper frying pans were used. Frying pans were also known in ancient Greece and Rome, where they were named tagnon and patella, respectively.

What is the name of the bottom of a pan?

A ground foundation is a thick aluminum platform that has been machined to be absolutely flat.

What is the definition of food preparation?

The process of obtaining raw ingredients and processing them to make them ready for ingestion is known as food preparation.

What are the two most common cooking techniques?

Cooking can be accomplished in a variety of ways. There are two types of cooking methodologies: moist-heat cooking and dry-heat cooking.

What makes a skillet different from a griddle?

After all, both skillet and griddle are cookware. Surface area difference: A skillet has a flat surface, whereas a griddle has a raised surface that leaves sear marks or lines on the food.

What distinguishes a Blackstone griddle from others?

A plate of cold-rolled steel, the smoothest steel available, is used on a Blackstone. That means there are no dents, bruises, holes, or other flaws. As silky as silk. The flat top, on the other hand, cooks food by heating it up.

What is the distinction between a flat top and a griddle?

A griddle is heated from the bottom with straight heating elements that span the length of the griddle, whereas a flat top is heated from the top with many spherical heating elements.

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