MASTER COOK 3 Burner BBQ Propane Gas Grill

Have anyone ever wondered why Griddle Cooking has become the next outdoor cooking sensation? Why are some people abandoning their charcoal grills in favor of flat tops? So, what’s the important thing about them?

A griddle, sometimes known as a girdle in the United Kingdom, is cooking equipment that consists primarily of a broad, usually flat cooking surface.

A flexible metal pan or plate-like device, a flat heated cooking surface built into a stove or kitchen range, or compact cooking equipment with its own heating system coupled to an integrated griddle operating as a cooktop are all options nowadays.

Griddles are perfect for cooking for a large group because of their vast surface area. Because there are no sides (unlike a skillet), it’s easy to turn food, and the open area doesn’t hold moisture, so food like hash browns gets lovely and crispy.

MASTER COOK Propane Gas Grill

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Quick information:

  • Product Dimensions: ‎46.46 x 20.87 x 41.14 inches
  • Product Weight: ‎46.5 pounds
  • Color: Black
  • Manufacturer: ‎Zefeel
  • Brand: MASTER COOK
  • Material: ‎Stainless Steel

Product Features:

Durable Flames:

This propane gas grill features three stainless steel stoves that can produce 30,000 BTU per hour and feature an integrated piezoelectric spark plug for speedy start-up.

Superior Quality:

The stainless steel operating system with the chromium-plated control knob. A stainless steel handle and a built-in stainless steel thermometer on the cover lid, two foldable tables, and two heavy-duty wheel casters for storage and transportation make this propane gas grill more sensitive and delicate.

Coverage Area:

Food preparation grates in the porcelain-enamel wire. The propane gas grill has a cooking area of 471.8 square inches, with 339 square inches for burning and 132.8 square inches for heating.

Best for External Areas:

This propane gas grill is a great addition to any outdoor location. It may include a backyard, garden, courtyard, terrace, or balcony, and may be used all year.

Safety Hazard:

Electrical plugs are designed for use in the United States. Because outlets and voltage change from country to country, customers may need an adapter or converter to utilize this device in travel destination. Please double-check compatibility before making a purchase.

Thermometer Usage:

When roasting chicken and turkey on the propane gas grill, an accurate built-in thermometer on the cover is very useful. This helps in ensuring that the family cuisine is always well-done.

Our Opinion:

I was cleaning up my backyard when I discovered that my old barbecue was broken. If you don’t want to carry a large package from the store, Amazon is here to help. I used to have a grill that was twice as big as this one and could cook up to 20 burgers at once. It is not essential, though, because who will have such a massive party all of the time? When it comes to cleaning, it’s a pain in the neck.

The tiny grill heats up in a fraction of the time. It also uses less propane and lasts far longer than you may expect. Less propane means less greenhouse gas emissions. It has a rather standard design and function. It has all of the necessary BTU, a side table, wheels, and a rack for a grill. There was nothing lacking.


Is there a propane hoes connector included?

Yes, a hookup for propane hoes is supplied.

Do the side tables on this BBQ fold down?

Yes. Both sides can be folded in half.

Is there a starter on this grill?

Yes, the starter spark is started via the center control.

Is it simple to operate this gas grill?

Yes, simply open the tank valve, turn the knob, and then push the starter to get it started.

Is it possible to use a standard propane tank?

Yes, a standard propane tank is used in this 3-burner master cook gas BBQ.

What is the lowest temperature this gas grill can reach?

The grill can easily reach 500 degrees.

Is it possible to use charcoal on this grill?

Only use a gas grill. It is not possible to use charcoal on this grill.

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