Weber 57060001 Q3200 Liquid Propane Grill, White

Restyled for 2014, the Weber Q 320 is presently the Weber Q 3200 the barbecue has a similar incredible presentation and smooth styling, however, adds a new feel that is both useful and fun, including a bigger hold, handle and control handles, ergonomic side handles, Solid front and back supports, enormous overlap disadvantage tables with further developed inflexibility in addition to the natural Weber Q logo conspicuously marked in the top. 

This standard gas barbecue with a little impression and overlay down tables is at home in any outside space. Split meshes consider a mesh/frying pan cooking blend: simply supplant one of the meshes with the Q 3000-series viable frying pan (sold independently) and trial with another technique for getting ready breakfast, lunch, and supper on your barbecue.

The joined essential barbecuing surface and warming Rack regions offer 462 squares” Of cooking space, wonderful when barbecuing for a group. 

Barbecue all your beloved dishes from enormous meals to sensitive fish and vegetables. The endless control burner valve secures your ideal cooking temperature to cook effectively at any temperature from low to high. An electronic start framework makes beginning The barbecue as simple as pressing a button.

Sold with a solid track that is mounted on wheels, The Weber Q3200 accompanies a large group of advantageous additional items, incorporating an underlying thermometer and barbecue handle light for barbecuing in low-light conditions, 3 apparatus snares for helpful capacity of instruments and Utensils, and – to boost your mesh cooking region.

There’s a convenient spot to stow the warming rack. A section behind the punctured screen gets a 20-lb. Propane (tank excluded) and stores one mesh or one iron.

Here, is the most detailed review of Weber 57060001 Q3200 Liquid Propane Grill, White.

Weber 57060001 Q3200 Liquid Propane Grill

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Quick Information:

  • Product Dimensions: 55.5 x 50.2 x 30 inches
  • Item Model No: 57060001
  • Item Weight: 20 pounds
  • Manufacturer: Weber
  • Color: White
  • Material: Aluminum


Stainless Steel Burners:

Two treated steel burners produce 21,700 BTU each hour to warm 393 square inches absolute cooking region.

Porcelain-enameled cast-iron cooking grates:

Porcelain-enameled cast-iron cooking grates are designed to cook food evenly. Porcelain-plated cast-iron cooking meshes and cast aluminum top and body.

Handle Light:

A grill outside handle light with battery type AAA is included in it.

Ignition system:

Simple beginning electronic start and boundless control burner valve settings. Have confidence that you’ll be up-and-barbecuing the initial time, without fail.

20 pound LP tank:

Works on a 20 lb. LP tank (sold independently).

Total Cooking Area:

Absolute cooking region (square inches):468.Warming rack region (square inches):75.

3D interactive assembly instructions:

3D intuitive get-together directions for this item are accessible through the free BILT application.

Propane Gas Grills:

Propane Gas grills usually use a standard 20 lb. tank, which is available at most hardware stores and convenience stores, or gas stations. Before purchase, confirm you would like a Liquid Propane grill and not a Natural Gas grill.


 From the very beginning, Weber revolutionized outdoor grilling. Since then, they’ve persisted to increase merchandise that beautifies the grilling experience. From the authentic kettle with warmth-controlling dampers to digital temperature controls and Favorized bars, Weber is still at the vanguard of present-day grilling, making the outdoor part of your kitchen.


Weber grills were and could stay the authentic definition of overall performance in outdoor grilling. Whether you are cooking a fundamental burger or an intensive meal, Weber grills are designed and engineered to provide you with a high-quality overall performance each time. 


Service is of the maximum significance at Weber. Their Customer and Dealer Service pals paintings each day to make sure that their clients and sellers have the help they need.


Does the 3200 burn steaks just as the Highest point series? 

While I think it is somewhat uncalled for to contrast a $1500 barbecue with a $400 barbecue. I own both, I observe the Q gets up to temp quicker while the Culmination will, at last, accomplish a higher general temperature in case you are ready to stand by. 

I favor the cast iron barbecuing grates on the Q to the highest point’s pure poles even though you may ultimately need to supplant the cast iron meshes while the spotless will most likely outlast you and your kids. These two barbecues are apples and oranges, the Culmination is a hugely noteworthy barbecue that accomplishes stunning barbecuing results. 

Does the barbecue disengage from the truck? Contemplating whether I could take simply the barbecue setting up camp and attach it to a little propane canister. 

The Q3200 doesn’t confine for convey ability. You ought to think about the Q1000 or Q2000 Series for setting up camp. Those are both “convenient” and you can purchase a collapsing stand assuming you need 

What is the distinction between the Q3200 and the Q320? 

Very little distinction. the q3200 is the current model which supplanted the q320. they have a similar BTU and are a couple of square inches diverse in cooking surface. One could accept that they made a few upgrades in the new model yet the specialized specs and generally speaking size are comparative. 

What is the width between the most stretched out focuses with the side tables down? What about the profundity, front to back? Much appreciated. 

Q3200: Width is around 37″ (with tables eliminated) – There are sections under the side tables that are a strong aspect of the truck. So regardless of whether you take the tables off, they will in any case be there. 

Front to back: around 20.5″ I estimated from outside wheel to wheel since they expand a piece from the truck. 

Can the Q3200 be utilized as a tabletop barbecue (off the stand/truck)? 

I have recently utilized it off the truck for a couple of days by basically sitting it on the ground. The contention that the “oil would dribble and light a fire” isn’t legitimate because the trickle dish is a fundamental piece of the cook box support (when you eliminate the barbecue the trickle container goes with it). 

Be that as it may, whatever it is on top of will get extraordinarily hot; I’m certain it would liquefy directly through a plastic tabletop and would basically singe and maybe even set on fire a wooden table, and it isn’t intended for this nor is it especially simple (for my situation I was sitting tight for new parts from Weber). Be that as it may, actually, yes 

What is the force hotspot for an electronic start? Does it function admirably? 

This item utilizes a piezoelectric gadget to light the burner and consequently needs no battery or outer force source. Piezoelectric gadgets have been in need for a long time now and will turn out impeccably for some, numerous years. Water Radiators and different gas-fueled gadgets now utilize this strategy notwithstanding in case they are items for inside or outside.

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