Weber 66016001 Genesis II E-335 3-Burner Natural Gas Grill

People are going outside to enjoy outdoor cooking in greater numbers than they have in the past. Cooking in this manner is becoming increasingly popular. Being outside, feeling the breeze, smelling the fresh air mixed with cooked food, and looking up at a blue sky is quite relaxing.

Built-in outdoor grills, grilling islands, and outdoor living spaces are all on the increase. This is also true for people who want to spend time with their families and entertain themselves in open-air “outdoor rooms.”

Jeffrey Steingarten, food writer once said, “Whenever I travel to the South, the first thing I do is visit the best barbecue place between the airport and my hotel. An hour or two later, I visit the best barbecue place between my hotel and dinner.”

Propane gas grills are one of the most widely used outdoor appliances today, and their popularity continues to grow. Gas grills outsell charcoal grills by 57.7 percent to 40.1 percent in the United States, according to estimates.

Weber Inc. is a publicly-traded American manufacturer of outdoor barbecues and related accessories, including charcoal, gas, and electric grills. In a bankruptcy sale in 2004, Weber-Stephen bought some of competitor Ducane’s assets. I

towns restaurants and publishes recipes, among other things. Until 2010, BDT Capital Partners bought controlling ownership in the company, which was previously controlled by the family. It began trading on the stock exchange in 2021.

Weber 66016001 3-Burner  Gas Grill

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Quick information:

  • Product Dimensions: 59 x 29 x 47 inches
  • Product Weight: 153 pounds
  • Color: Black
  • Manufacturer: Weber
  • Brand: Weber
  • Style: Natural Gas
  • Material: Cast Iron

Product Features:

Enhanced Heating Maintenance:

The porcelain-enameled lid helps to keep the heat within. The grill is protected from the elements by the elevated material.

Sear Marks in a Flash:

The grill station is built to generate a high-intensity heat zone. This helps in applying sear marks on any meat quickly.

Boil or Fry: Simmer BBQ sauce or sauté vegetables on the side burner. As the main course cooks beneath the cover, it aids in making a delicious food.

Food That Has Been Expertly Grilled:

The iGrill 3 app-connected thermometer keeps track of food from start to finish. This display’s the temperature in real time on the smartphone. Device not included.

Consistent Heat Transmission:

Solid stainless steel rod cooking grates distribute heat evenly over the whole grilling area. Designed stand the test of time.

Maintain Meal Warmth:

While the food complete cooking on the grate, this keeps meals warm or toasts bread. When not in operation, roll it down for storage purposes.

Maximum Space:

Capacity that is walled. All of one’s critical grilling tools and accessories may be kept safe and secure in the BBQ cabinet.

Set Food Platters on the Table:

Keep plates, seasonings, and tools within easy reach on the side tables. For quick access and organization of any backyard workspace, hang essential key grilling tools on the hooks.

Superior Quality:

The recipe for a perfectly grilled dinner includes a sear station, a world-class grilling engine, and a side burner to simmer barbecue sauce. The Genesis II e-335 has all of the power and functionality one will need to make delicious meals, and it’s all covered by a 10-year warranty.

Our Opinion:

This is a fantastic item. I already owned a Genesis 1 and purchased this one for use at the cottage. Kudos to the company for producing such a fantastic product.

The assembly is a little tedious, but once it’s done, you’ll have a fantastic BBQ. Everything about this product seems solid and high-quality (and it is). The heating is even and powerful. Very good quality.

It was well worth the money. To truly make assembly simple, two individuals are required. With the second pair of hands, it’s simple to put together. I’ve used this grill a lot since I got it, and I’ve cooked on it a lot. It quickly heats up! It was also shockingly simple to put together. It takes a long time because there are so many parts.


What is the distinction between the Weber Genesis E and the Weber Genesis S Series?

For enhanced heat retention, the E versions have porcelain-enameled grates, whereas the S models have stainless steel grates. The SE variants have a handle light and cooking grates that are 9 mm thick.

Is it possible to convert the Weber Genesis II to natural gas?

Weber BBQ grills can be converted to cook on natural gas or liquid propane. Despite the fact that Weber no longer permits gas conversions, the method is as straightforward as it has always been.

When it comes to Weber Genesis grills, how long do they last?

Weber grills will endure roughly 5 to 10 years, according to the manufacturer. The devices will survive for 5 years if used consistently. The grills will only last three years if they are not used or maintained. Weber grills are built to endure at least ten years, according to the manufacturer.

Is it possible for a Weber grill to rust?

Because it is intended to resist all usual weather conditions, anyone may leave the grill on the patio all year. This is why designers can definitely offer these grills with a rust and enamel guarantee.

Is it worthwhile to invest in Webers?

Weber BBQ are still worth the money, according to the majority of respondents. These grills have excellent performance, useful features, and long-lasting sturdiness.

How often should one clean their grill?

One should clean the grill thoroughly every six months. If users are a frequent griller, individuals should give their grill a thorough cleaning and examination.

Is it necessary to cover a gas grill?

Although a grill cover is suggested, it is not required to keep the BBQ covered at all times. Just remember to clean ones grill once a month and cover it as needed. The better users take care of their grill, the longer it will be able to provide customers with delicious meals.

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