Weber 9010001 Traveler Portable Gas Grill, Black

The Weber Voyager is for any individual who needs scrumptious barbecued food away from home. Regardless of whether you’re exploring the great outdoors, closely following, or picnicking, its strong, conservative plan makes for a consistent encounter, from arrangement to capacity. Enjoy the excursion with lawn-quality food, regardless of where the experience takes you. 

One gave arrangement and breakdown. Barbecue is appended to the truck for its fast and simple arrangement. Smaller crease occupies a negligible room in the carport and fits entirely in the storage compartment of your vehicle. Huge barbecuing region (15 burger limit) with the goal that the whole feast is barbecued and prepared to eat simultaneously. Deliberately intended to improve gas use.

Burn burgers, steaks, and hacks; barbecue chicken, fish, vegetables, and organic product on the porcelain-plated cast-iron meshes. You’ll be astonished at the valid barbecued taste of food sources prepared on this electric barbecue.

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Weber 9010001 Traveler Portable Gas Grill

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Quick Information:

  • Product Dimensions: 42.72 x 22.05 x 14.65 inches
  • Item Model No: 52020001
  • Item Weight: 49 Pounds
  • Manufacturer: Weber
  • ASIN: B08PV54GMR


Upgrades Gas Utilization: Explicitly intended to benefit as much as possible from each ga tank, a 16 oz. fluid propane chamber can be joined to the barbecue or utilize a connector hose for a bigger tank. 

Reduced Capacity: The reduced overlap and generally speaking plan make voyaging and putting away as consistent as could really be expected. The Explorer occupies an insignificant room in your carport and is intended to fit effectively in the storage compartment of a vehicle. 

Simple Set-Up and Collapsing: The Explorer is uncommonly intended for a simple, one-gave setup and creases down. The barbecue is likewise appended to the truck so that you’re up and barbecuing in a matter of seconds. 

Enormous Barbecuing Region: The enormous barbecuing region fits up to 15 burgers or 20 frankfurters so the whole supper is barbecued, and everybody will eat, simultaneously.


Could pots be utilized on this barbecue? Are there choices to change out to burner or frying pan? 

I have not utilized real pots. However, I have utilized the Weber tins intended to get oil while cooking to barbecue yet utilized new ones to cook beans. etc. Works magnificently. 

Do they have a different frying pan that can be put on? If not, would it be able to be purchased independently? 

Indeed, I didn’t buy Weber, yet I purchased a veggie/or meat confine for simple turnover. It assists you with surveying the cooking as opposed to jabbing aluminum foil. I likewise use barbecue mats to reduce a portion of the barbecuing wreck (less tidy up). I favor the cross-section ones.

Now and again, I put it straightforwardly on the barbecue I need more markings. Be that as it may, I use Weber barbecue shower to forestall abundance staying and simpler clean the barbecue. 

What amount of run time would you get off of the 16 oz propane canister? 

I never planned it, yet I had a 1lb tank abandon me during an end of the week setting up camp outing utilizing the barbecue two times every day. I since purchased a hose to connect a 20lb lap tank to the barbecue. I like they are interchangeable and refillable at most supermarkets and many corner stores. 

What are collapsed aspects? Searching for the aggregate sum of room this takes up collapsed, to check whether it’s viable with our RV. 

It fits in the storage compartment of my Nissan Sentra. Be that as it may, coming from a group of RVs it is the right one. I would simply propose a connector for a bigger tank when setting up camp. 

What is hood freedom? 

I’m assuming you mean with the hood open up. Between 20 to 21 inches hood stand up as far as possible open. This doesn’t represent my hand on the handle raising or bringing down. Then, at that point, add around 5 inches more for leeway, cause currently, I’m expecting you are sitting under a shade or some likeness thereof. 

While eliminating the propane tank, can the tank be reused? Must it be taken out to fall the barbecue? 

You need to eliminate the propane tank to implode the barbecue. You will want to re-utilize the 1lb lap tanks after disengaging them from the barbecue until it is unfilled. They have a valve that closes when they are unscrewed from the controller. Certain individuals even top off those 1lb holders from bigger propane tanks to reuse them. 

How tall is it when it’s shut-in thickness from the highest point of bar-b-que to the lower part of wheels? 

I purchased this barbecue to use with my 40Ft diesel RV. The barbecue won’t fit in any of the capacity compartments, and I will be bringing it back. I was expecting a respectable Weber versatile barbecue, yet this isn’t it. It has Weber’s quality, however, is very huge, even though it overlays down. Hopefully that Weber will ultimately create a compact barbecue for us Rivers. I don’t care for my Coleman barbecue without question. 

Does this cook like a conventional barbecue, or does it look like a Q, all in all, does it depend on the hotness from the blazes or simply the cooking surface? 

I would say it resembles a customary Webber, which we have 4, the Explorer doesn’t have Flavor Bars, the cooking barbecue is solid metal and appears to be artistic covered. You consume striped on your meats, so the barbecue is positively hot.

The thermometer is in the top hood, and it is great to keep the cover/hood shut when cooking, it will lose heat rapidly whenever left open, so again it is a common weber barbecue, hot surface, and convection heat. We were satisfied with it; I did two or three gas chambers which get utilized before long. 

We got two suppers out of one chamber, covering the whole cooking surface with meats of different sorts. I did by the LP tank augmentation hose that screws into the little chamber hole, which in the future I will use rather like an ordinary Weber barbecue. Very much made, not very weighty to get and placed into your trunk or pickup box. We preferred it.

I likewise purchased ordinary Weber utensils and there are little snares to hang the three., overlays and unfurls rapidly, however, I think you want to take the gas bottle off, I did, yet I couldn’t say whether you want to.

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