Weber Q1200: The Only Review You’ll Ever Need

Our hero today is one of the most popular models in Weber’s menu so I decided to include it in our lists of reviews.

And it’s worth mentioning that it has been featured twice before in the best Weber gas grills and the best gas grills under $300 guide here on our site. If you’re in a hurry, you can [jump directly to the conclusion from here].

So without further ado, let’s begin in the weber q1200 review.

Weber Q1200 Overview

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I like to begin with the specifications. Here you’ll find all information about the Q1200, organized.

Burners And Heat Capability

It has only a single burner, capable of producing a heat amount of 8,500 BTU’s per hour.


The Q1200 is made of a variety of materials.

  • Porcelain-enameled cast-iron grates.
  • Stainless steel burner, which makes it last longer.
  • Cast aluminum lid and firebox.
  • Hard plastic side tables and legs.

Cooking Area

The total cooking surface of the Q1200 is 189 square inches. Can fit at least 6 large burger patties. Which is quite a large space for a small portable grill.


Removable grease pan settled above the legs – Electronic ignition button works with 1 AAA battery – built-in thermometer – Foldable side tables – works on a standard 16.4 oz. (1 pound) disposable liquid propane cylinder.

Physical Specifications

It weighs 29 lb. And measures dimensions of 15.5 Height X 40.9 Wide X 16.5  Deep (inches) closed lid and side tables – and 24.6 Height X 40.9 Wide X 20.5 Deep with an open lid and side tables.


It’s backed with a 5-years No rust through/burn through warranty for each of the lids, firebox, burner, plastic components, and grates. (Excluding fading or discoloration). And a 2-years for all of the other parts.

Our Weber Q1200 Reviews In-Depth

Performance  4.5/5

It provides a standing-out performance, and one of the factors that make it perform very well is the grates material (porcelain-enameled cast-iron). Which is my personal favorite grates material. It has the superior heat retention of the cast-iron, and the porcelain layer protects it from fast rusting.

So you don’t have to season it before and after each cook like the regular cast-iron. Also, it gives great and lovely searing marks.

The second factor is the heat, it hits 500° F within only 10 minutes.

Because of its great performance, some people whose families are small or host a small group actually use it as their main grill, even though it was originally made to be a camping and trip grill.

Another very good thing about this grill is that it has a large cooking area and lid, which allow you to perfectly roast an entire chicken in it. And here’s a Youtube video to show you how.

If you want to buy the roasting rack in the video you can check it on amazon from here.

Price 4/5

It costs in the range of $200 Plus. It’s the 2nd most affordable Weber gas grill you can ever get, after the Q1000 model (which I will discuss in the comparison section).

Without any doubt, the Q1200 affordable price compared to other grills in Weber’s menu is one of the major factors that helped it earn this popularity. But compared with other portable Non-Weber grills? that’s why my rating is 4/5.

Design 5/5

It’s a pretty charming and cute little grill, comes with 6 different lid colors (Titanium, Black, Orange, Red, Blue, and Green). The legs are always black, which creates a perfect contrast and makes you feel really good while you cook.

But it may concern you that the lid loses its color from the bottom sides due to the high cooking temperature, but don’t worry, it’s not very quickly, I mean you won’t face this problem till after a few years of heavy use, and it’s no big deal.

Portability 4.5/5

Portability is the main feature of the Q1200 and most of the Weber Q family members. It’s the purpose and the idea of the whole line.

This baby weighs only 29 lbs (around 13 KGs). And it doesn’t take much space so you can easily put it in the back of your car and go grill by the beach on a perfect weekend or on a camping trip in the summer.

But why only 4.5?! Because it’s not the lightest, there are grills lighter than it out there, as we will see in the very next section.

How Does It Compare?

In this section, I’m gonna conduct some little battles between the Weber Q1200 and some of the portable grills in the same Q series, and some are not even Webers. But let’s start with the Non-Webers first.

V.S Char-Broil Grill2Go X200 (Infrared)

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Actually, I personally like Char-broil’s infrared grills very much. The X200 is a solid competitor for the Q1200. Also, it has been featured before in the best-infrared grill guide here on the site.

The X200 Strengths Over The Q1200

  • It gets much hotter. Able to reach 650°F.
  • Cooks directly without drying out the food. And has no flare-ups.
  • More even heat distribution.
  • The stainless steel grates last longer.
  • More affordable.

If you need more information about infrared technology, you’re welcome to visit our infrared grills guide from here

The Q1200 Strengths Over The X200

  • The main winning point here is temperature control.
  • The porcelain-coated cast-iron grates provide better heat retention.

The Bottom Line

This was a quite competitive battle between my personal favorite portable grills ever! But it really depends on your needs and cooking style.
And here’s the real bottom line:

  • Go for the Char-broil X200 if you’re a big fan of steaks, you’ll love its performance with them. But it’s not as good with other low-temperature cooking food.
  • Go for the Weber Q1200 if you need more temperature control.

That’s it. If you decided to give the X200 a try, check it on Amazon from here.

V.S Weber Q2200

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The Q2200 is considered as an upgrade for the Q1200, both have the same core features, but there are some differences. Here’s a list of them.

Weber Q2200 Weber Q1200
Price $270 Plus $200 Plus
Heat capability 12,000 BTUs per hour 8,500 BTUs per hour
Cooking space 280 Square Inches 189 square inches
Weight 42.5 pounds 29 pounds
Dimensions 24.6″H X 40.9″W X 20.5″D (open lid) 26″H X 51.4″W X 25.1″D (open lid)

The Bottom Line

I think that there’s one single cause that can make you go for the Q2200 over the Q1200, if you have a bigger family, or host more people that the Q1200 won’t cover them.

If you decided to go for it, you can check it on Amazon from here.

V.S Weber Q1000

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The Q1000 is a more basic and cheaper grill, not only in the Q family but in the whole Weber gas grills it’s the cheapest and the most basic one. Here’s how it differs:

Weber Q1000 Weber Q1200
Price Around $180 $200 Plus
Weight 26.6 pounds 29 pounds
Dimensions 23.5H X 27W X 20.5D (open lid) 26H X 51.4W X 25.1D (open lid)

and there’s another difference, that it doesn’t have side tables and thermometer in the lid.

The Bottom Line – When To Buy?

Well, as I told you, it’s a more basic, lighter, and cheaper grill, so if you can live without the temperature gauge and the side tables and wanna save around 30 bucks, then I think you should go for it.

If you decided to do so, check it on Amazon from here.

And here’s a Pros&Cons list:


  • Light and portable.
  • Pretty much affordable.
  • The porcelain-enameled cast-iron grates provide better heat retention.
  • Charming and colorful design.
  • Can use it as a full-size grill by a separate cart stand. [Check it on Amazon]


  • There’re some complaints and reports about the regulator’s quality.

The Conclusion

  • And that was our Weber Q1200 review.
  • I tried to collect all details and information you may need before buying it.
  • As you saw, it’s a great grill. If you love grilling by the beach or during a camping trip in the summer, you’re gonna love it.
  • But in case you came to the conclusion directly, I recommend you to go back to the comparisons section(right before the conclusion section) and take a look there at the competitors, especially the Char-broil Grill2Go X200.

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