Weber Spirit E330 Lp Black Grill

Serve a choice steak barbecued flawlessly with nothing other than your fixings and the Soul E-330 gas barbecue. Its singe station makes an extreme hotness zone that will add astonishing burn imprints to your meat adding flavor, and boasting freedoms, each time the fire is lit.

Extra redesigned highlights incorporate a side burner for stewing bar-b-que sauce and a warming rack to keep food warm or toast buns. Porcelain-plated, cast-iron cooking grates hold even hotness, are not difficult to clean, and are solid. The E-330 is the ideal barbecue to take your adoration for patio food to another level. 

The Soul E-330 bar-b-que barbecue incorporates a convenient 10,000 BTU side burner for cooking backups and a 7,500 singe station burner that boots hotness to rapidly burn food varieties, then, at that point, winds down for standard barbecuing. Different elements incorporate dependable porcelain-plated cooking meshes and porcelain-plated Favorited Bars.

 Situated over the burner tubes and beneath the meshes, these Angular Bars safeguard burner tubes from port-stopping up garbage. They likewise serve to get and disintegrate food drippings, making the smoke that flavors food. The Soul E-330 LP gas barbecue conveys a 10-year guarantee on the porcelain-plated cover and burner tubes and a 5-year guarantee on meshes and Favorited Bars. Not accessible inflammable gas.

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Weber Spirit E330 Lp Black Grill

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Quick Information:

  • Product Dimensions: 32.28 x 25.59 x 24.17 inches
  • Item Model No: 46810001
  • Item Weight: 116 pounds
  • Manufacturer: Weber
  • ASIN: B016M5A2SQ
  • Color: Black
  • Material: Porcelain, Cast Iron



529 sq in of total cooking area offers plenty of grilling space.

Stainless Steel Burners:

3 Stainless steel burners with 32,000 BTU per hour input,10,000 BTU-per-hour input flush-mounted side burner, and 7,500 BTU-per-hour input sear station burners are durable and deliver powerful heat and performance.

Porcelain-enameled cast-iron cooking grates:

Porcelain-enameled cast-iron cooking grates are designed to cook food evenly; our unique, angled porcelain-enameled Flavorizer Bars smoke and sizzle when cooking juices drip down, adding flavor to your meal.

Crossover ignition system:

The electronic Crossover ignition system for quick, reliable startups. Have confidence that you’ll be up-and-barbecuing the initial time, without fail.

Enclosed steel cabinet:

Painted enclosed steel cabinet with a painted steel door, porcelain-enameled lid with center-mounted thermometer.

Stainless steel work surfaces with tool hooks:

2 Stainless steel work surfaces with tool hooks to keep your tools within easy reach.

Porcelain-enameled grease trays:

Front access, porcelain-enameled grease trays with catch pan for easy access and clean up, painted enclosed steel cabinet with a painted steel door.

Swivel casters:

2 Heavy-duty front locking swivel casters and 2 heavy-duty back swivel casters.

Propane Gas Grills:

Propane Gas grills usually use a standard 20 lb. tank, which is available at most hardware stores and convenience stores, or gas stations. Before purchase, confirm you would like a Liquid Propane grill and not a Natural Gas grill.


From the very beginning, Weber revolutionized outdoor grilling. Since then, they’ve persisted to increase merchandise that beautifies the grilling experience. From the authentic kettle with warmth-controlling dampers to digital temperature controls and Favorized bars, Weber is still at the vanguard of present-day grilling, making the outdoor part of your kitchen.


Weber grills were and could stay the authentic definition of overall performance in outdoor grilling. Whether you are cooking a fundamental burger or an intensive meal, Weber grills are designed and engineered to provide you with a high-quality overall performance each time. 


Service is of the maximum significance at Weber. Their Customer and Dealer Service pals paintings each day to make sure that their clients and sellers have the help they need.

Compact Design:

Small sufficient to grill at the go, with sufficient grilling area to execute a whole meal. Porcelain Enameled, Cast Iron Cooking Grates: Porcelain-enameled, forged-iron, cooking grates offer even warmth distribution throughout the complete grilling floor and advanced warmth retention.


Does the side burner overlay down? 

No, it doesn’t, both of the racks are fixed. There is a metal top that covers the burner. 

Does the side burner just introduced on the left, or would it be able to trade over to the right side? 

I saw one in plain view at lows with the burner on the right. they additionally said it couldn’t be changed out to the opposite side. presently unavailable there. 

Is this a propane or gas barbecue?? 

This model is intended for use with a standard 20 lb. propane tank. Weber barbecues can’t be securely changed over from propane to flammable gas, or the other way around. Endeavoring to change over a Weber barbecue will void the guarantee on the unit. 

The “singing station” on the soul e330 sounds gimmicky. contemplating whether it merits the extra $100 over the e310. how, precisely, does it work? 

It relies upon how frequently you utilize your Weber. I observe that the burning station adds flavor to the meat you are cooking by holding the juices in the meat. I use it for stakes and dishes constantly. The singing station is an extra burner between two of the ordinary burners. It is either all out or off when you decide to utilize it. 

Would it be a good idea for me to cover the barbecue or leave it uncovered? I read someplace it is smarter to leave your barbecue revealed. That way the dampness can vanish. 

I incline toward having the barbecue uncovered (with the top shut) while pre-warming, then, at that point, after I completely char my food, I close the cover to keep any bird droppings from arriving within the barbecue (except if you are cooking for your parents in law, then, at that point, leave it open for seven days before appearance “uncommon sauce”). 

Following a decent 2-3 hours when the barbecue is acceptable and cool (I’m certain any dampness would dissipate at this point), I set the cover back on. This way it keeps dust, soil, bird crap, snakes, and different things out of the barbecue to keep it clean the following time you intend to consume food that your life partner goes through days planning for you to cook.

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