Weber Spirit Ii E-210 Review: Honest, And Comprehensive!

Today We’re gonna review one of the most popular Weber models. It’s the Weber spirit II E-210 review! The one that has been featured so many times on our best grills guides and lists.

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Specifications At A Glance

  • Price: $380 give or take
  • Space: 360 inches of primary cooking space – A 90-square-inches warming rack.
  • Dimensions: 44.5″H X 48″W X 27″D (open lid).
  • Weight: 103 pounds.
  • Warranty: 10 years – all parts
  • 2 burners – 26,500 BTUs per hour.
  • Open cart style with 2 wheels.
  • IGrill3 compatible.
  • Grease management system
  • 3 flavorizer bars
  • Electric ignition with one AA battery
  • 2 side shelves (the left one is foldable) with 6 tools hooks.
  • Built-in thermometer
  • Fuel gauge.

Detailed Weber Spirit II E-210 Reviews

A super detailed review that includes weber spirit II E-210 reviews for different aspects (Descriptions and specifications at a glance – Performance, Quality, Price, Design, Cleanup). Then I talk about (why I like it – And what’s not so great about it – Who is it best for).

Then How does it compare VS (Spirit E-210- Genesis II S-310- Signature 325). So I’d recommend you to read through the entire review if you really want to get to know everything about it.

But if you’re in a hurry, you can [jump directly to the conclusion from here] you’ll find a summary waiting for you there.

Cooking Performance

The Spirit II E-210 is one of the most popular gas grills, and that’s not for nothing. It does a pretty good job as we used to from Webers, that’s because of it’s built with the top-performing material, the cooking grates are porcelain-coated cast-iron, and that makes the E-210 distribute the heat evenly reduces the hot/cold spots for one thing, and for another, it makes it gets hotter and retains the heat much better, so it reaches a high temperature which is perfect for searing the meat at first, besides it also leaves great sear marks.

The heavy lid plays an essential part in that too, it helps to retain the heat better and better, hence better performance.

Also, the E-210 comes with 3 flavorizer bars over the 2 burners. In case you don’t know what’s a flavorizer bar, it’s a metal tent that sits above the tube burner to cover it from meat drippings. We benefit from that in 2 points, 1st it reduces the flare-ups problem, which is a pain for all of us. 2nd when the drippings hit these bars, they vaporize to add a smokey flavor to the food, that’s why they’re called flavorizer bars.

Material Quality

As we discussed in the performance section, the Spirit II E-210 is built with very durable materials. The porcelain-coated cast-iron grates combine the superb performance of the Cast-iron, without worrying about the commons rusting problem. And that’s because of the porcelain layer, so you don’t have to season it before and after every single cook, go ahead and enjoy.

On the other hand, the main burners are made of stainless steel., the firebox is made of durable cast aluminum. And the lid is made of porcelain-coated steel, the exterior is heavy painted steel.

All that and more help the E-210 live longer and longer. Backed with a 10-years warranty, it’s a set-and-forget kind of grill you know helps it live longer and longer, backed with a 10-years warranty, with the right maintenance, it’s a set-and-forget kind of grill you know? Won’t have to think of changing it for many years in the future.


Comes in 3 colors (Black – White – Blue) and as you see, it has a charming looking, setting there in the backyard it calls you to come and cook some burgers.
An open cart design with a storage base for the propane tank to sit on, and moves smoothly, thanks to the 6-inches wheels.


Here it comes to the pain-in-the-ass process. The part we all wish we had a button takes care of it, or a robot or even a one-time grill we cook on then throw away and use another new one every single time. But unfortunately, there’s nothing’s that so we have to.

The cool thing about the E-210 is that Weber grease management system, which is some sort of a funnel-shaped firebox that ends up with a hole and a metal pan with a foil one sits below the hole to catch the drippings that aren’t vaporized by the flavorizer bars, to help contain the grease mess.


It costs around $380 give or take (check the latest price on Amazon)

Some people believe that Weber over-prices their grills, is that true? Well, Weber’s prices are indeed higher than usual, but look at what you get in exchange? You get one of the most durable and Well-performing pieces you can ever get, backed with the longest warranty period and cool designs too. You decide.

What I Like The Most About The E-210

  • First of all, the durability and the material quality, that’s the best thing in the E-210 and all Weber grills in general, Man, these people produce some of the best models. They always are on the top of any grills recommendations, let alone the diversify in the features and the fuel types.
  • Second is the performance, and as a result of the high-quality material, it retains the heat very well inside, thanks to the heavy lid, and of course the porcelain-coated cast-iron grates, the best material for the cooking grates.
  • The clear assembly instructions make it much easier if that’s not your first time to put a gas grill together. It usually takes around 1-2 hours to put it together without help, Again if it’s not your first time to assemble one.
  • Compatible with some great features from Weber, even though they’re bought separately and not included. Still, it’s nice to know that you have more options any time you want to upgrade your piece. You’ll find great stuff to use.

What’s Not So Great About The E-210

  • The first and main issue, in my opinion, is that the open cart design makes the greased pan naked in public. So it’s accessible for your bet or any animal from the outside in the garden. If this concerns you, make sure you check the alternative section of the guide. The Spirit E-210 is the one for you, it’s almost the same features and specifications as today’s hero, but with an enclosed cabinet.
  • Second is the cooking space (360 square inches primary), which is a relatively small space if you have a big family or invite over a lot of people.
  • Some reports about bad shipping, some bent or even missing parts, it happens, but that’s perfectly normal. Always there’s a chance for that to happen, and no problem with it. Once you contact Weber or amazon, they will solve the problem right away.
  • Cost somewhat a high price than the regular grills with the same features, as we discussed before on the price section above, the better quality cost more.

Who Is It Best For?

Ask yourself should I get it or not? Is it best for me or better to consider another mode? Well, I’ve got you covered. There’re specific kinds of people who find the Spirit II E-210 a perfect one for them, I will list them down for you, and If you found yourself, then you’d like it.

Small Families

As a 2 burner gas grill, it has relatively limited cooking space (360 inches of primary area, and 90 square inches warming rack space), and that fits around 15 burgers at once. So it would be a perfect option for the ones whose families are not huge or don’t invite over that many people on a BBQ.

Set-And-Forget Kind Of People

The ones who are looking for a long-life grill to set and forget and not worry about replacing it soon. If that’s you and the limited space is okay with you, then go ahead and congratulations. You’ve just found your backyard friend who would sit there with you for a long time.

How Does It Compare?

In this part of the Weber Spirit II E-210 Review, I’m gonna conduct some little battles between our hero and some other alternatives, whether it’s from Weber’s menu or an outsider. Let’s begin with a similar Weber.

VS Spirit E-210

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know what you thinking, but no, they’re different models. It doesn’t appear the name, but it definitely appears from the image.

Remember when I told you in the issues section about how the greased pan is accessible for pets? And told you to take a look at another Weber model that doesn’t have that problem? Here you are, this is that Weber model I told you about.

The main difference between them -as you see- is the enclosed cabinet design, Here’s a table if the differences between them.


Spirit II E-210 (the main) Spirit E-210
Price Around $380 Around $430
Style Enclosed cabinet – 4 casters Open cart design – 2 wheels
Dimensions(Open) 57″H X 48″W X 26″D 63″H X 50″W X 32″D
Weight 103 pounds 113.8 pounds
IGrill3 compatible? Yes No
Others 2 side tables – The left is foldable 2 side tables – Both are foldable

See? They’re pretty much similar, so how to decide between them? Here’s the answer.


  • The enclosed cabinet style prevents pets from reaching the greased pan and allows you to sore stuff without looking messy.
  • The 4 casters make it move easier.
  • Takes less storage space (because of the folding side tables).


  • Cost around 50 bucks more than the Spirit II.
  • Heavier (not much).

The Bottom Line

The main case I’d recommend is that if the pets issue concerns you. If it does, then go ahead; it worth the extra bucks. But if it doesn’t I don’t think it makes very much of a difference, you better save your money.

VS Genesis II S-310

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Weber Genesis II is my favorite family in Weber’s menu. It’s the medium one, More advanced than the Spirit series, and more basic than the Summits, it’s just right!

Here’s our difference table.


Spirit II E-210 Genesis II S-310
Price Around $380 Around $900
Grates Material Porcelain-coated Cast-iron 7mm stainless steel rod
Space 360 primary – 90 warming rack 513 primary – 165 warming rack
Heat 2 burners – 26,500 BTUs 3 burners – 39,000 BTUs
Dimensions(Open) 57″H X 48″W X 26″D 62″H X 59″W X 31″D
Weight 103 pounds 132 pounds

The Genesis II S-310 Strengths Over The Spirit II E-210

  • The stainless steel materials live longer (but less-performing).
  • Easier cleaning.
  • More cooking space to cover more people.

The Spirit II E-210 Strengths Over The Genesis II S-310

  • Much more affordable.
  • The Porcelain-coated Cast-iron grates perform better (but more likely to rust over time)

The Bottom Line

Feel confused? Let’s clear things up a little.

If you prefer the easier clean and longer to live and can afford the Genesis II S-310, then you know the answer. On the other hand, if you prefer the better-performing, then you also know the answer.

VS Char-Broil Signature 325 <TRU-Infrared>

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Here we go again, the most exciting battle between Weber and Char-Broil that.

It’s not a new battle at all. In fact, this is the 3rd time it appears on our guides. The first was in the best 3 burner gas grills reviews list, they were competing on the most durable position, the second was in the Weber Q1200 review just as this one.

Anyway, without further ado, let’s dive in.


Spirit II E-210 Char-Broil Signature 325
Price Around $380 $450 – $500
Space 360 primary – 90 warming rack 325 primary – 120 warming rack
BTUs 26,500 BTUs 18,000 BTUs
Dimensions(Open) 57″H X 48″W X 26″D 47.2″H X 46.8″W X 23″D
Weight 103 pounds 96.3 pounds

Nothing really serious, right?

No, there’s one big difference. It’s infrared technology. In case you don’t know, the Infrared system is an element that sits above the burners, absorbs the heat, and emits it as infrared radiation that cooks the meat directly (like a microwave) without drying it out. Read more about the infrared pros and cons of our infrared review from here.

The Signature 325 Strengths Over The Spirit II E-210

  • Less dried out result.
  • Cooks more evenly without any cold/hot spots.
  • Able to reach higher temperatures.
  • No flare-ups at all

The Spirit II E-210 Strengths Over The Signature 325

  • More Affordable.
  • Better Design.
  • Heavier material.
  • Longer warranty period (10-years).
  • Easier to assemble.

The Bottom Line

Personally, I like the infrared system more than the regular one because of the strengths aspects. I listed for you above, even though the Signature 325 is not a high-end infrared piece, but it’s still infrared.

On the other hand, the Spirit II lives longer, and you won’t even think about changing it for a long time. The decision is yours. If you can afford the Signature 325 and the performance is what you seek, you can check it on amazon from the button below, go check it and decide.


  • Outstanding performance.
  • High-quality constructions.
  • Easy assembly.


  • Relatively small space for big families.
  • The open cart design has problems with pets (please read the “What’s not so great” section above).

The Conclusion

That was our Weber Spirit II E-210 review. I tried as much as I can to make it a comprehensive review, one that includes all information you’ll ever need to know I hope I had succeeded in that. Tell me in the comments if anything is missing, and I’ll work on it.

As you read the E-210 is a great grill, If you jumped here directly and to recap, I’ll summarize the entire review in the next few lines.

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